Init script jobΒΆ

This is a job for controlling services started by an init script.

This is a very simple job, because it defers most of its action to the existing init script for a service, found in /etc/init.d.

Features not provided by the init script are the retrieval of logfiles, and the possibility to retrieve and transfer back configuration files.

This job has the following configuration parameters:


Must be init.


The name of the init script (as a file in /etc/init.d). If not given, it is the same as the name of the job.


Comma-separated full paths of logfiles to read and show to the client when requested. If not given, no logs are transferred.


Comma-separated full paths of config files to transfer to the client and write back when updates are received. If not given, no configs are transferred.


A nicer description for the job, to be displayed in the GUI. Default is no description, and the job name will be displayed.


The standard parameters present for all jobs.

A typical section looks like this:

type = init
logfiles = /var/log/dhcpd.log
configfiles = /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf