Standalone Tango Server jobΒΆ

Job for standalone Tango servers controlled by a systemd service.

This is basically a systemd job, with the additional feature of transferring the server resources from a file into the Tango database when the config file is edited via Marche.

This job has the following configuration parameters:


Must be tangosrv.


Name of the server (for determining config files). Default is the job name.


The configuration for the server is expected in a resource file located in this directory. If not given, file /etc/default/tango should contain a line TANGO_RES_DIR=resdir.

This job inherits from the Systemd service job, and therefore supports all its other configuration parameters.

A typical section looks like this:

type = tangosrv

This will start/stop via tango-server-counter.service (the unit name can be overridden with the unit parameter as for the systemd job).