Systemd service jobΒΆ

This is a job for controlling services using systemd.

This is a simple job, because it defers most of its action to systemd.

This job has the following configuration parameters:


Must be systemd.


The name of the systemd unit. It can be given in full, i.e. foo.service or foo.slice, or just foo.

If not given, this defaults to the job name.


Comma-separated full paths of logfiles to read and show to the client when requested. If not given, the systemd journal is queried for log lines.


Comma-separated full paths of config files to transfer to the client and write back when updates are received. If not given, no configs are transferred.


A nicer description for the job, to be displayed in the GUI. Default is no description, and the job name will be displayed.


The standard parameters present for all jobs.

A typical section looks like this:

type = systemd
configfiles = /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf